Christiana Bay Townhomes main dock

. . . . .Just the FAQs...

Where do I get a replacement pool/dock fob?
Call Huntington West and report the loss. There is a $150 replacement cost per fob. Once paid, a new fob will be sent to you.

Do I need a permit to remodel my back patio?
Yes you will need to complete a permit form which needs to be approved by the Board before any work starts.

Where do I find this permit?
The Application can be downloaded in the Association Documents section of this website, and it can also be obtained by contacting Huntington West.

How do I change the plants in front of my unit?
Planting in front of the units is done by the Landscape Committee. If you have dead or dying plants or would like to consider different plants, please contact the Landscape Committee or Huntington West.

Where can I store my kayak?
You may store kayaks on your boat, in your garage or patio. You may tie up kayaks in your slip. The slip may not be altered in any way. If you have further questions please contact the Dockmaster or refer your question to Huntington West.

Is there kayak storage on the docks? What about SUPs?
There is no storage of kayaks or SUPs on our docks. Kayaks and SUPs may be stored on your boat, in the slip or in your patio/garage.

Q7. Where do I find the approved plants for my front yard? Back yard?
A7. A plant listing for common areas can be found in the Association Documents section. There are no restrictions for plants in the back yards.

Q8. Where do I report a nuisance (such as noise, trash, running boat engines excessively)?
A8. Contact Huntington West or voice your complaint directly at a Monthly Board Meeting.

Q9. How long am I allowed to park in front of my garage door?
A9. While loading/unloading when your garage door is open.

Q10. How do I provide my Email address to Huntington West so that I can receive email correspondence and electronic copies of documents?
A10. Contact Huntington West.

Q11. Who is our Insurance Carrier and how much coverage do we have?
A11. Farner's Insurance. Our policy's total available blanket coverage is $19,688,340. We also have a $4,000,000 Umbrella Liability Policy which meets the required value to comply with the Civil Code. - see Association Documents

Q12. What coverage do I need on my unit?
A12. Please see required policy in the Association Documents section of this website.

Q13. I am planning to remodel my unit. Possibly a new kitchen and bathrooms. How do I get approval to move forward from the Association?
A13. Complete an Architectural Application form and submit to Huntington West.

Q14. How do I communicate a Question, Concern or Suggestion for Management or the Board?
A14. Contact Huntington West or attend a Monthly Board Meeting.

Q15. Can I check my HOA account, statement or make payments online?
A15. Click here to activate or sign in to the Online Account Portal. Effective January 1, 2019, we will be delivering your HOA statements electronically. If we have your email on file, you will receive your statement via email. If we do not have your email on file, you will continue to receive your statement by mail. Moving forward, you can access your association’s newsletters through your Portal, and you can also use your Portal to communicate with property management directly.