Christiana Bay Townhomes main dock

The Early Days at CBTI

Christiana Bay Townhouses were under construction in 1968 and early 1969. With the first occupancy, in the Spring of 1969, Harbor Management of Newport Beach took over the business of running the day to day operation of the townhouses. The payment for this service was $42 a month for each unit. Harbor Management served in this capacity from April of 1969 until June 30, 1970. During the early months of 1970 the CBTI Board of Directors, made up of owners from CBTI, decided that a more profitable way of running things would be to go to a self management operation. The desire to maintain a low monthly assessment was part of the reasoning for this decision. So, after much planning and preparation, CBTI began as a self management operation on July 1, 1970. Incorporation papers were filed with the State of California on April 13,1970, and with Orange County on June 2, 1970.

The founders, and original Board of Directors, were William Carlson, LeRoy Ferguson, Frederick Thomson, Warren Ewert, and Robert Waters. The first Board meeting was held on June 17, 1970, at this meeting it was decided that letters of termination would be sent to Harbor Management, and to the gardener, and pool service people. Effective June 30, 1970, their services would no longer be needed.

On July 1, 1970, the owners of Christiana Bay Townhouses began managing their own properties. The Board secured the necessary insurance coverage, obtained a P.O. box, had fencing and locks installed for the dock and pool areas, and created a set of rules of conduct for use of the swimming pool.

Roy Ferguson was now Chairman of the Board, Fred Thompson, Vice-President, and Bill Carlson, Secretary-Treasurer. The Board had a projected budget for 1970 of $26,998.00, six months of the year was with the services of Harbor Management. The projected budget for 1971 was increased to $38,250.00, with the monthly assessment to remain at $42.00. At a special Board meeting on June 22, 1970, it was proposed that Louise Carlson be given the duties of collection and disbursement of funds for CBTI. Louise was to receive $150.00 per month for this service, this was action approved by the Board.

In attendance at a meeting on July 13, 1970, in addition to the Board, were Don Byrnes and Dale Robinson, both from the Huntington Harbour Corporation. Don Byrnes stated that the Huntington Harbour Corporation had an easement over CBTI docks for the purpose of adding up to sixty additional boat slips. These were for a development to be built adjacent to the CBTI pool area (Later built as Tennis Estates). At this meeting the Board approved the purchase of a liability and performance bond, as required by the new CBTI by-laws.

Board action at the July 28th meeting set a $10.00 assessment for late payment of the monthly maintenance fee. At the October 12th meeting the matter of hiring a man to take care the maintenance chores for CBTI was approved. As of October 1, 1970 Dick Sladek would be the full time handyman, salary to be $800.00 a month. The telephone company is using a small utility garage in the off-water property for switching equipment.

Notice of Annual Homeowners Meeting was sent to owners on December 4, 1970. Meeting to be held on January 19, 1971 at Harbour View School at 8 PM. The budget for 1970 was exceeded by $2,535.00, for a total expenditure of $29,532.51. Bank balance as of December 31, 1970 has $7,032.51, with $473.00 still due from unpaid fees of five Owners.

Sundial and Flagpole
In the late 1960s the Huntington Harbour Corporation formulated plans to build a project at the east end of Christiana Bay, that project would later become known as Christiana Bay Townhouses.

The Gate
With the completion of Christiana Bay Townhouses, and the opening of Harbour Lane in 1969, it didn’t take long for motorists destined for Morningstar Drive to discover that they could shortcut the stop signs at Heil Avenue by using Harbour Lane.

1982 Storm
On November 30, 1982 Huntington Beach, and most of Orange County, were hit by an extremely powerful wind and rainstorm that caused extensive damage.  Much of the landscaping on Harbour Lane was destroyed.  The CBTI docks were severely damaged by the wave action, and by the tremendous amount of water that poured out of the flood control channel beneath the center gate.

CBTI Burgee
At one time most of the boats belonging to CBTI owners flew this burgee on their boats. There was also a large version that flew from our flagpole. This pennant was designed by Dolores Means.

cbti pennant
The Wall
This group of palm trees on the Heil Ave. side of the CBTI wall was planted there by the City of Huntington Beach as a buffer to protect the wall.  Over the years the wall was hit on numerous occasions by drivers who failed to stop at the Saybrook intersection.  There was one city employee who was known on a first name basis because he spent so much time repairing  the CBTI wall.

Christiana Bay Dredging
At one time most of the boats belonging to CBTI owners flew this burgee on their boats

Aerial Photos
Huntington Harbour aerial photo taken by Dave Hanst, early black and white photo of Christiana Bay and black and white 1961 photo of Huntington Harbour before development.

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