Christiana Bay Townhomes main dock

Storm of 1982

On November 30, 1982 Huntington Beach, and most of Orange County, were hit by an extremely powerful wind and rainstorm that caused extensive damage.  Much of the landscaping on Harbour Lane was destroyed. The CBTI docks were severely damaged by the wave action, and by the tremendous amount of water that poured out of the flood control channel beneath the center gate.

The silt at the mouth of the flood control channel over the years had built up to where, at low tide, the dock headwalk was resting on the bottom. As a result, on this day, the huge amount of water flowing out of the channel could not go under the docks, it went over the top of the docks. The far end of the center walkway was out in deeper water, and was moved up and down by the wave action, as a result the center walkway was buckled, as can be seen in the one photo.

Another devastating wind and rain storm struck Christiana Bay on February 12, 1992, damage was not as severe as that caused by the 1982 storm. At low tide water from the flood control channel was surging over the top of the headwalk and center gangway with such force that the docks sustained substantial damage. This again caused by the docks resting on the silt buildup at low tide.

storm of 1982

The cost of repairing the docks after that storm amounted to about $50,000.00, and because of problems with the contractor, the docks were not completely repaired until the following September, almost ten months later. After much stonewalling by the insurance company they finally agreed to pay for the repairs.

In June of 1988, after lengthy negotiations between Orange County, the Coastal Commission, and the Army Corp of Engineers, a dredge was brought into Huntington Harbour. All of the Harbour channels were dredged deeper, and the silt buildup at the mouth of the flood control channel, and under the CBTI docks, was removed. The center walkway, it’s boat slips, and pilings, was removed to allow access for the dredge. There are several photos in the following pages that show that operation.

From 1983 until 1992, when the original docks were fourteen years old, their condition gradually deteriorated, much of the problem caused by the flotation system, which had been poorly designed by the company which had built the docks. Repair costs for the years 1991 and 1992 alone were almost $90,000.00. In September of 1992 the CBTI Board decided to have a completely new dock system installed. The job was put out for bid to four companies. A special meeting of the CBTI homeowners was held on Sept. 24, 1992 for the purpose of voting for the new docks, and the assessment to pay for them. Neville Radcliffe was the President of the Board that year, he had determined that the cost for each homeowner would be about $7,000.00.

The Dock Company of Huntington Beach was hired to remove the old docks and to install completely new ones. Construction was begun in the spring of 1993, and after several delays, by the Coastal Commission, the City of Huntington Beach, and additional requirements by the HB Fire Department, which added quite a lot to the final cost, the docks were completed on Oct. 1, 1993. The price of the new docs came to about one half imillion dollars.

This is being brought to your attention because the same problem now exists at the mouth of the flood control channel, the silt has built up to where the headwalk now rests on the bottom at low tide. Eventually some way will have to be found to remove the silt. In the not too distant future some CBTI Board will have to face the problem.
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