Christiana Bay Townhomes main dock

The Gate

With the completion of Christiana Bay Townhouses, and the opening of Harbour Lane in 1969, it didn't take long for motorists destined for Morningstar Drive to discover that they could shortcut the stop signs at Heil Avenue by╩using Harbour Lane.╩Many of the drivers had no regard for the speed limit and created a dangerous situation on our street.╩Finally, in 1981, the CBTI Board decided to put a stop to it by petitioning the Huntington Beach Traffic Department for permission to close one end of Harbour Lane.╩After much delay, and a considerable amount of effort on the part of CBTI owner Don Estrin, the Traffic Department, and Fire Department came to assess the situation.╩They agreed that there was a problem, and with some restrictions, gave the OK, provided that the end at Fisher Dr. would be the place to block. Plans for a gate were approved by the authorities, and so in the summer of 1981 the north end of Harbour Lane was closed and our traffic problem was eliminated, and we have had a quiet street ever since.
CBTI gate
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