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Sundial and Flagpole

In the late 1960s the Huntington Harbour Corporation formulated plans to build a project at the east end of Christiana Bay, that project would later become known as Christiana Bay Townhouses. An officer of Home Savings and Loan of Los Angeles, Frederick D. Thomson, arranged for financing of the project. Fred was about to retire from his position with Home Savings, he decided that the Christiana Bay location would be a good spot to settle down, he purchased one of the on water units. When the townhouses were ready for occupancy at the end of 1968 Fred and his wife Peg moved in. During his years as a resident of Christiana Bay Fred was much involved in the activities of the townhouses, he was one of the owners who organized, and served on, the first CBTI Board and several times after that. Fred and Peg were two much loved neighbors. Fred passed away in 1978, Peg died about six months later in 1979.

At the CBTI annual homeowners meeting in January of 1979 one of our residents, Don Estrin, proposed that a plaque honoring Fred and Peg Thomson be installed at the base of the CBTI flagpole. Delores Means seconded, the proposal was unanimously approved by the membership.

The CBTI flagpole had previously been erected by Don Means, and Dave Hanst at a site by the center dock gate. They now installed a cast pedestal alongside of the flagpole, on top of the pedestal was a sundial, and an engraved plaque dedicated to Fred and Peg Thomson. This memorial to the Thomsons was dedicated on June 20, 1979 with most of their CBTI friends in attendance. In 2009, after thirty years of weather and corrosion, Don Means, and Dave Hanst installed a new sundial and plaque to replace the originals.

Sundial Plaque Dedication to the ThomsonsSundial Plaque Dedication to the Thomsons

Fred and Peg ThomsonFred and Peg Thomson

sundial flagpole dedication
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